Striving to create forward thinking systems of application and to offer the most innovative solutions, Pintark develops adaptable surface systems that aim to provide flexibility in application. 

MANHATTAN by Pintark is an advanced paneling system using bespoke tiles,  that highlights unique materials with crisp and minimal detailing.

Ranging from traditional materials such as leathers and veneers to new age materials such as carbon fibre and stain-resistant fabrics, the system offers infinite possibilities. The ease of installation liberates one from sizes and base finish limitations. It can be adapted as value addition on existing surfaces or employed to create new surfaces. 

Can be customised to any size, starting from 100 mm x 100 mm.


As a FEATURE TILE on existing surface.
CONTINUOUS FEATURE on existing or new surface
STAND ALONE partition

Flexibility in style, finish, color, material, size, cost.